Hello beautiful people,

I've realized within the last week that writing is the way to stay sane right now. School just started and I'm not stressed at all but at the same time I feel like I'm suffocating you know? Maybe you don't know and I'm really jealous if you don't because it sucks.
Okay, enough complaining. I'm not here to complain about school, I'm here to tell you about my ride or die products so lets get into it shall we?



Ardell Mechanical Brow Pencil in Blonde $6.79 NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Taupe $9.99

I love the Ardell pencil because the pencil is thick so it's super easy to use when you're in a hurry and need to slap some brows on. The one thing I don't like about it is that your skin has to be completely dry in order to put it on. So if you moisturize beforehand it's going to slide off and the pigment is washed out.  The NYX Micro Brow Penci…


Hey there!

It's been a minute since I wrote my last post and I'm not going to make any excuses but what I will say is that I wanted to wait until I had something worthy of writing about.
A couple weeks ago Colourpop was having a farewell sale and a ton of the things they were discontinuing were things I've been planning on buying but never had the chance because I was broke, waiting for a sale, etc. There were 4 hours left of the sale and half the stuff was sold out so I put a majority of the products that were left in my cart and I swear to you I have never typed in my info so fast.
Long story short the products came today and I thought I'd do a haul/swatch post for you all today.

enjoy xx


I got 8 lippies and I realize now that they're all shades of purple and pink which I honestly find really funny because I don't wear purple lips as much as I u…

Solar Flare Palette + Carnival Celebration 12 Piece Brush Set

Hi babes!

Happy Makeup Monday!! I got a package from BH Cosmetics in the mail today and I'm literally IN LOVE! I honestly can't stay off the BH cosmetics website because there are SO. MANY. SALES. ALL. THE. TIME. and I'll pay for an order and then two days later I'm like "ooh! A sale!"

(in the midst of looking up prices for this post I came across yet another BH sale..the Back To School sale to be exact and a majority of things were knocked to $8.00 and most of those things were in my cart and a week ago I was going to spend $40 on like 4 products but tonight I spent $40 on 10 products and got a free palette PLUS shipping so it was a literal win win steal) wallet is 100% against sales because after it all goes down, its empty but whatever.

So inside this package from BH was the brand new Solar Flare Baked Eyeshadow Palette and the Carnival Celebration 12 Piece Brush set which is also a pretty new release.

Please keep scrolling if you want to see a revi…