hey!! (happy almost halloween!)

I was looking through my collection for a certain product to tag on my most recent youtube video and I got to thinking.
The most frequently asked question I get as I'm sure lots of mue / mua's get is a variation of:

"what eyeshadow did you use?" or "what did you use on your eyes?"

Which is a valid question but sometimes I think there isn't a lot of thought that goes into asking that question because people who don't do makeup much or don't know a whooole lot about it don't realize that...I didn't use just one eyeshadow. There were probably 2-5 palettes that were involved in the creation of said look.

 I'm not bashing or trying to act holier than thou. I'm really just trying to write an intro for this post. It's a very valid intro but the statement stands.

SO TODAY I thought I would talk to you guys about my holy grail eyeshadow palettes. The ones I reach for 900% of the time. T…


Hi Friends!

I'm back on this fine Monday with a quick brush haul for you all. It's officially homecoming season and I've had several people ask if I could do their makeup for the event so I figured it couldn't hurt to stock up on some new brushes.

Enjoy xx


All together I bought 8 brushes. (technically 7 because the 8th is a shadow shield but thats fine).  I bought from ELF, Eco Tools, and Real Techniques. Most of them are blending brushes because lord knows I need more of those.

I'm going to start with the elf brushes. I haven't bought an elf brush in a long time. It's been at least a few years and they definitely updated their brush style. I don't know if my brushes that I have currently are just dirty and faded because they're old or if ELF actually changed the shade of their brush handles. Regardless, I love the new look. 
I bought a crease brush, blending brush, angled contour brush, and a shadow shield.  

(ignore my greasy skin lol …


Hello you beautiful humans,
I'm so excited about today's post oh my GOD! As you probably read by title, this is a haul / swatch / drool over how pretty these products are post. Today we're going to be talking about the NEW (well semi new by the time this post goes up) Colourpop My Little Pony palette!!! She's so pretty you guys I teared up when I opened the box (which was also cute as hell)
So enough said, lets get into it shall we?

Alright lets get down to business.
The products in this haul include:
Super Shock Shadow in Wild Thoughts ($5)Super Shock Cheek in Monster ($8)Super Shock Shadow in Fantasy ($5)Ultra Glossy Lip in Dream Castle ($6)Ultra Glossy Lip in Pony Land ($6)My Little Pony Palette ($16)

Colourpop never ceases to impress me with their products. Everything is always so pretty and detailed which I can appreciate any day. The packaging, the detailing on the lippies, even the box interior in which the products arrive in is absolutely adorable.