Hi loves!

Today I am going to review some cute ass lashes I got from a brand called Cosmic Beauty. They reached out a while back and asked me to rep them which I obviously agreed to because their products are sO cute. I recently revieved two pairs of lashes from them PLUS lash glue so I'm excited to try them out!!



So I stopped wearing lashes a couple months ago because for whatever reason the lashes weren't glueing down in the inner corner which obviously made seeing and functioning vision wise really difficult (if you're a lash wearing human you probably know what I mean) and my inner corner kept watering which was bizarre because my lash wasn't near it..? But point is I stopped because I think I'm allergic to latex which is an ingredient in the glue I was using which probably explains the watery eyes 
BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY #newyearnewme

I kind of forget how to wear lashes but that is what today is for! Experimenting! The packaging of the lashes is …


Hi guys!

This week is a little different! We're going to take a quick break from the discover weekly songs and I'm going to give you my top songs of 2017! These are songs I listened to non stop last year and I really enjoy them.

Hopefully you will too!

As usual if you want to listen to the song, I linked it so all you have to do is click the song you want to hear and boom! there ya go!

Happy listening!



AJR Pitchfork Kids
Alec Benjamin Paper Crown
Allie Catch Prime Need You Paper Love Thats So Us
Angie  Housewife Spliffin' Spun

The Bad Chapter Lawsuit and Tie The Lowdown
Bea Miller Yes Girl
Billie Eilish Bellyache COPYCAT
My Boy
Blackbear Sniffing Vicodin in Paris Rly Real IDFC hell is where i dreamt of you and woke up alone double chateau make daddy proud Slide Thru Where Was U? Verbatim
Bohnes Middle Finger
Brokencyde Psychos
Cardinal Psychosis Disaster Marionette
Dangerkids blacklist_
Falling In Reverse Loser Straight To Hell I Don't Mind
G-eazy Loaded
Gnash Fuck Me Up that one song ilusm
Good Wi…