I'm actually so stoked about this post because it's the first halloween look I've ever done in my entire life AND I was listening to Marilyn Manson's album Heaven Upside Down and it's actually so good hollllllyyyyyy shiiiit!! 

Today's post is a MAKEUP TUTORIAL?!? On this spiderweb cut crease I did today! So if you'd like to learn how to get this look then please scroll down:)




Ardell Mechanical Brow Pencil in Blonde

Wet N wild  Glitter in Bleach


Manhattan Eyelid Primer

NYX Retractable Eyeliner in Black

Morphe 35b Palette

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Full Coverage Concealer in 102

Urban Decay Razor Liner in Bump

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in White

Manhattan Volume Shake Mascara

Dodo Lashes in 115


NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Beige

Wet N Wild Contour Palette in Dulce De Leche (highlight powder)

BH Cosmetics Nude Rose Sculpt + Glow Palette

Pacifica Mineral Blush in Wild Rose

Wet N Wild Color Icon Highlighter in Unicorn Glow


Qibest Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Black (I really don't know)



First things first! I filled in my brows with the Ardell pencil. I honestly don't know why they call the shade Blonde bc it's brown..the pencil shade is straight up brown but its fine. I don't try with my brows anymore to be completely honest because they always end up looking really bad so I've been filling in where there is hair and then leaving them alone. 

Next I tight lined my eyes. This helps keep your lash line dark when you wear lashes (or even mascara really). It just makes everything a little more put together. I basically just pulled up my eyelid and ran the pencil back and forth until the whole line was covered in black.

I primed my lids using the Manhattan Eyelid Primer and set the primer with the setting powder from the Mally Cancelation Concealer Kit. It's really important that you prime your lids before doing your eye makeup because the primer keeps your eyes from creasing throughout the day and it also brightens the pigment of the shades you use. Always be sure to set!!

Using the darkest purple shade from the 35b palette, I used windshield wiper motions as I it through my crease using a big fluffy brush.

I thought the dark purple was a bit much for what I wanted to do so I took the lightest purple from the palette and went over the first shade with the same brush to mute the color a bit. 

I realized I didn't like the purple so I took the lime green shade and went completely over the purple until my lid was completely green. (you can really just skip the purple part and go straight to green if you'd like)

Then I went back to that dark purple shade on an angled fluffy brush and ran that through my crease to give a little depth.

So once I looked like the Joker I stopped to figure out where I was going to go with the look. It's a good break point too if you're recreating this look. Take a step back, breathe in and collect your thoughts before continuing. (you're going to need this advice later so pregame so you're prepared)

The green was basically in my eyebrow and I wanted to blend it a bit so I took the white shade from the palette and dusted it over my brow bone as a highlight.

For the cut crease I used the BH concealer. 
I know what you're thinking (or probably thinking) 


And yes, they can be. I know I was terrified when I attempted my first one. It went horribly but with the right products and brushes you'll get the hang of it.

Cut crease tips:

   1.  Use a small brush: big brushes aren't as precise when it comes to lines so using a small brush gives you more control 

2. Use a liquid base rather than a cream: this is honestly personal preference but I found liquid product is easier to work with than cream. The liquid formula moves easily and it's easy to correct. Creams are thick and gloppy if you use too much. They also crease sometimes regardless of whether you set it or not.

  3. !! SET YOUR BASE !! I learned this the hard way. I didn't put powder on top of my base and i tried to blend a color on top of it...it was a sticky mess

I set my cut crease using the setting powder from the mally cancelation concealer kit.

I took the black from the palette on a shader brush and covered the concealer completely. 

Tip: pack the shade onto the lid so you avoid removing any concealer

On an eyeliner brush I took the dark purple shade and intensified the line splitting the black and purple a bit so it wasn't so harsh.

(you can totally skip this if you want)

Alright we've made it this far. Try and take in your progress thus far.
Take a couple deep breaths and REALLY prepare yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for this next part.


Are you sure??

Take another breath just incase..

I would have done a progress picture of me drawing this eyeliner but I can barely do it as it is so I took an after photo.

I used the Urban decay white eyeliner and basically went over that line that separates the purple from the black. Pull it all the way down to the end of your eye. You can wing it out if you so choose but if you want to wait thats okay


Okay good

Prep yourself again. Deep breaths and really focus because this next par is something we ALL trip up on and thats okay. (My hands shook the whole entire time)


The way I do my eyeliner is as follows:

  • I draw a line UP (not down) from my outer corner to wherever I want my wing to stop
  • I draw a line from just below the tip of the line and drag it all the way down to my lid. 
  • I fill in the wing part and then fill in my lid.
And then for this look I flicked the middle of where the line and the wing meet and connected them so it's all one. 

Alright here is where it gets really scary so again breathe in, breathe out and prepare yourself...

I screwed this part up and you can so clearly see where which is annoying but IF YOU MESS UP ITS OKAY!! You really wont be able to tell at the end:)

Really all you have to do is draw lines from the cut crease line to your brow (if you wanted you could even block out your brow and have giant web brows)
I drew 10 on one eye and 9 on the other because who needs symmetry? Apparently not me

Breath one more time...last time I promise

Here all I did was make little U shapes to connect the lines together. Try to make them a bit curvy instead of straight if you can because the more U shaped the line is, the more intense the look is.


(these next few steps are optional and I kind of regret doing them but I'm going to explain anyway)

I extended the inner corner with the same white eyeliner and lined my lower lash line with it. For my waterline I used the Maybelline pencil. Honestly I wish I had gone with a black waterline and then done away with the extended inner corner but its fine.

Real quick I applied mascara on my top and bottom and lashes. (use coupon code "CAMHAM" for $$ off Dodo Lashes #yourewelcome) 

Lashes are completely optional but my lashes were white because of the liner and the mascara wasn't cutting it for me.

For contour I used the cool tone shade from the sculpt + glow palette 

This is my favorite contour palette.The shades are really buildable and blendable so if you accidentally go in with a heavy hand it can be easily corrected

Finishing off my brows, I took Wet N Wild Pressed Glitter and ran that through my eyebrows. I used to do glitter brows all the time and I stopped for some reason. i am now bound and determined to incorporate them into every look I do from now on because they're so fun. This is also a two birds with one stone situation because this particular glitter has a gel formula so while you re making your brows shimmery you're also gelling the hair in place.

For my cheeks I used the Pacifica Natural Minerals Blush (shocker I know...it's literally my favorite blush) and I swept it on the apples of my cheeks.


For both my brow bone highlight along with my normal highlight I used the Rainbow Highlighter from Wet n Wild. I used the orange shade for my brow bone while I used the whole fan for my cheek bones.
Also thats dry. I didn't spray it or anything..Wet n Wild highlighters kill the whole game

For my lips I thought I'd redeem my waterline and go for a black lip. I honestly love black lipstick so much and I don't wear it enough. I bought this one on amazon..I forreal have no idea what the brand is because it was one of those like super sketchy cheap brands that ships from China and takes like 57.5 years to get to your house.


I hope you guys enjoyed this! I love writing out makeup tutorials..it's therapeutic honestly.

Thanks for reading!! See you next Monday:)



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